Angels of Love


Angel's Message
Love is something we all desire. It gives us greater meaning and purpose in life when we have found the right companion. While love is something to always be open to and to cherish, it must be found in oneself first. The joining of two halves cannot be complete if one half is not truly whole. The Angels of Love reminds us that we can not truly give ourselves to another without honoring ourselves first, and yet it also presents the importance of love in binding and uniting with another soul so we may truly enjoy life and bask in its beauty and awe. Love is, after all, how we find peace.


Museum-quality print in size Small, Medium or Large. The print needs to be mounted by the end-recipient.

Small: 30x45cm / 12x18"
Medium: 50x70cm / 20x28"
Large: 70x100cm / 28x40"

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