"Brings heaven to earth"

J.Cudditty - United Kingdom

"They bring me such comfort and hope in challenging times"

E.V - Netherlands

The evidence you give is outstanding

“Thank you so much for the portrait. Your drawing skills are amazing and the evidence you give is outstanding. My father has been through a lot but your evidence from him is detailed, accurate and one of the best I have ever had!”


Spirit Guide Portraits

While spiritual artist Lorrie is known for her work with the Angels, she has recently discovered a new way of connecting to the unseen world. This time through spirit guides. This new collection is the first in over 20 years and is a rare opportunity for a commissioned piece from Lorrie.

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A message from the Artist

I was first drawn to share and pass on what I felt and recognised to be gifts for the soul. After many years of illness, I am proud to see the Guardians and their messages return to the world once again, this time through my daughter Emmy. At such a turbulent time for many, I hope they may uplift and bring comfort to you and your loved ones'.

Lorrie x

What our customers say

All tension I had fell away

"When I saw the pictures of the angels & read their messages for the first time I became more and more calm inside. And then I saw Guardian of the Soul! I read it's message and all the tension I had fell away, tears of relief ran down my face and I knew "I have arrived", this was the angel, and the message for me. Lorrie's Angels accompanied me for a long time, and nothing has ever touched me like this since."

Matthias from Germany 🇩🇪

Angel of Conception

"I visited your Angel Gallery in France in the Autumn of 2011. At that time, my daughter had been trying to get pregnant for a few years and was very discouraged. I noticed your Angel of Conception and bought a print to give to her. She framed it and put it on her bedside table.  She was pregnant within a few months  with a baby due in November 2012. I returned to France with a group in September 2012 and while I was there my daughter had some complications and my grandchild entered the world weighing just under 2 pounds. I flew home right away but my group stayed and prayed for our little miracle. She is now almost 9 years old and the most beautiful child. The angel has stayed with my daughter and she now has a second daughter. We are so very grateful for your beautiful art and healings."

Marge from the United States 🇺🇸

A beautiful reminder

"Not only are the Angels of Harmony and Safekeeping the focal point in our home, but they also incarnate the vibration of unconditional love and harmony we strive to embody in our relationship on a daily basis. These angels are a beautiful reminder of overcoming difficult circumstances and rising in love, compassion and awareness with each step of our journey."

Christy from Canada 🇨🇦

One on every wall

"Beautiful to see them all again, such a a wonderful reminder of the opening of my Inside Out Retreats with your angels. There's one on every wall."

Alison from the UK 🇬🇧

Everything fell into place

"One of the dancers doesn't have it easy, at first she picked the Angel of Breakthrough until she miraculously found the Angel of New Life under our apple tree. She was very touched and a few days after everything fell into place and she got her pension"

Hanne who runs a dance therapy class in Denmark 🇩🇰

Our Commitment to People & Planet


Our CEO is currently enrolled to Cambridge's Institute of Sustainability Leadership to ensure we make responsible decisions for people & planet.

Female Owned

We are a unique company in that it is a collaboration between Mother and Daughter. Emmy is our CEO while Lorrie is the inspiration behind it all.

UN Sustainble Development Goals

We are committed to Goal 12. We hold no inventory and operate with a print-on-demand model to avert any wasteful production and disposal of products.