About Us


What we are

We are an Irish business that produces personalised prints and gifts inspired by the spiritual artworks of Irish artist, Lorraine Coffey. 

How we are different

Lorrie’s artistry began after a spiritual experience during a challenging time in her life. With no formal training she began painting using just her fingers, with pastels as her medium.

The Artwork

Thirty-six pieces were created from 2001- 2011. The collection became known as Lorrie’s Angels or the Guardian Angels. Each piece was inspired by different experiences with what Lorrie can only describe as the bridge to the unseen world. In addition to these paintings, Lorrie was further inspired to create a new body of work called The Return of The Gods. Part I of this collection is called the VII Sounds. Departing from pastels, Lorrie created these pieces using clay. There are seven sculptures in total  created from 2013-2015. For queries relating to sculptures, please reach out via our contact us form.

Our Mission

We face moments in life that challenge us in unimagible ways. Our mission is to inspire, uplift, bring hope and comfort during life's events. Each of our Guardian Angels acts as guide to find peace & perspective in life's unique situations.

Our Vision

 To re-open a gallery space again for rereats of mindfulness, reflection and stillness, to help individuals from all walk's of life experience all the Guardian Angels.