Who's Behind The Art?

There’s no secret that Lorrie (short for Lorraine or in my case “Mum”) has had to face and overcome many challenges in life, some of which you will come to know with time. Currently, Mum is living with Lymes disease of which went undiagnosed for 5 years until August 2019.

Prior to this she along with my step-dad (or as I like to call him “Pops”) ran an art gallery in France and in County Wicklow, Ireland. For most, if not all of my childhood, they showcased my mother’s unique creations and amassed thousands of visitors each year.

Since her diagnosis, the Angels, as we like to call them, have sat quietly in their protective cases undisturbed as Lorrie recovers. Dissatisfied by both the circumstances that Mum finds herself in and the dormancy of the angels, I decided to take a leap of faith and launch a new business to re-introduce the angels back to the world.

The decision came during the most unlikely events (a global pandemic) but maybe that’s why they are needed.


CEO | Gifts For The Soul By Lorrie


Pictured: Eugene, Lorrie & Emmy

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